Dark Ages: Mage - The Hex Files

Adventure 8

The Rival and the Twisted Glass

  • The party returns with no major problems to the Cretan Labyrinth Sanctum. Once there, they discover that Mole Friend has captured an intruder.
  • After some talking and offers to clean up and pay the man, the intruder admits that he was paid off by Malik’s rival Idris to plant evidence linking Malik to a theft he didn’t commit.
  • Following the lead of the receipt of sale found planted in their library, the party teleports to Hamburg to attempt to reclaim the object.
  • Idris opens a mental communique with Malik, who manages to coax Idris into revealing that his brilliant plan was to get Malik discredited with and kicked out of the Paradise Garden Chantry’s (sort of) good graces. Malik is a jerk. Malik’s mentor is a jerk. Nyah.
  • Malik cuts the ‘call’ off at this point, using magic to ‘record’ a memory of this conversation in hopes of reporting it to others in his order. Idris’s warding makes this difficult, so Malik only has about a day before the recording dissipates.
  • The party enters the jeweler and curiosity shop in Hamburg, attempting to negotiate the sale of the stolen artifact back. The jeweler is confused (because didn’t Malik just sell it to him?), the party accuses him of ‘everyone looks alike’ racism, they pay him a handsome sum anyway. They leave with the artifact.
  • The artifact is an oddly bent mirror, twisting in on itself. They detect a magical presence. They do not tamper with it.
  • Malik once again teleports the party, this time to the Paradise Garden in Isfahan, Persia.
  • The master of the mirror calmly takes his artifact back, thanking Mailk and friends for the help. He also receives the recorded memory from Malik. He returns to his prayers.
  • Malik prepares to teleport everyone back to Crete…and only makes it 100 feet outside the city. He is now out of the quintessence required to cast.
  • The party is now stuck in Persia.



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