Dark Ages: Mage - The Hex Files

Adventure 7

Grouchy Demons, Naive Angels

  • Once in Denmark, the party makes a beeline for the town of Ribe in the distance. Malik has trouble with his ‘pinpoint demon’ spell.
  • Kehr attempts to magically pinpoint the wisest person in town. He gets 2 hits: one within the great Cathedral building, and a slightly greater one down by the dock encampment. They head to the docks.
  • The most intelligent-looking person down by the docks is an academic-looking man picking at his food with boredom. Shamus strides up to him with confidence and cheerily asks him if he knows the location of any demons. Because they’re here to kill demons. Demons!
  • The party is grilled/taunted at great length about their supposed demon-killing credentials until the nonplussed man abruptly demands that they continue the talk in his inn-room. They follow.
  • The angry man, Caim, reveals his thrush-headed demon-ness to the party while spitting out, yes, that’s great, please do help find a way to kill me, Ribe sucks, there’s nothing to read.

Exposition BWOMP BWOMP

  • Caim explains that during the summoning ritual that brought him into the world, angels were called and asked for help to kill the marauding Genghis Khan. The first two angels in the chain presumably rejected the call, so demons filled their spots instead. He presumes that Angel #3 hesitated, debating whether the nations it could protect would override the harm caused by directly killing a man. Due to this hesitation, both the angel and its corresponding demon, Caim, were summoned.
  • Caim can’t leave while Nanael is still in the world, can’t go outside a certain radius of her, but can’t approach her either because the Cathedral seems to be warding him out.

Back to the action…

  • The party leaves to find Nanael in the Cathedral, debating amongst themselves if it’s really a bad thing to leave a demon in the world (who doesn’t seem to be doing any harm) if it means they keep bonus angel.
  • The party observes a ‘get blessed by the relic’ line outside one of the back entrances to the church. After a long wait, they are in fact blessed by a ‘holy relic’, which just looks like one of the golden summoning pages they’ve been collecting hastily glued around a stick. The Bishop Jacob describes it as a great holy relic but seems to be hiding something.
  • With assistance from the others, Vincenzo sneaks in during the night. He is caught 2-3 times by the same Extremely Observant Acolyte. He decides that his better sneaking skill is ‘intimidate the acolyte with loud words and ’I AM SUPPOSED TO BE HERE’ school-master-style authority.’ He is taken to the ‘relic’.
  • Vincenzo touches the relic and begins a “conversation” with Nanael in his head. Malik, viewing remotely, sees him zone out but holds action.
  • While in mental-space Vincenzo asks Nanael was she is doing here. She replies (via musical chimes) that she is nurturing the local community, healing the sick, keeping their crops well watered, etc.
  • Nanael did not know that Caim was here with her, and expressed conflict over this.
  • To fix the situation, Nanael asked to be desummoned so as to fix the Caim situation. The most direct way would be the symbolic action of great personal sacrifice. Mildly flummoxed and on her recommendation, Vincenzo stabs himself with the ‘relic’
  • The party, mildly bleeding and concerned that they’ve just pissed off Ribe, hauls butt back to their portal to regroup in Crete

Parting Gifts:

  • Vincenzo’s bird hair now only requires 3 days of magical fasting to go away (via healing of Nanael)
  • Caim, upon leaving, granted the party the demonic boon of universal speech. Sort of. The party members without a common language can now easily talk to each other, but it sounds like rushing water when they do so. This is not at all concerning.



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