Dark Ages: Mage - The Hex Files

Adventure 6

Beelining towards Caim, and the Zeno's Paradox Cave

  • Malik remembered he could open and close recent portals, which ‘fixed’ the broken portal back to Crete.
  • The party borrowed the Doge’s library to read everything they could on Demon #3 (Caim), and pinpointed him to Ribe, Denmark.
  • Hopping into a different winding path in the Cretan Maze, they popped out into another Between-Space portal.
  • Time and space distorted so that all outward motion was extremely slowed, but all motion back towards the Labyrinth was extremely easy.
  • While figuring this out, hungry ghosts attacked Vincenzo.
  • Vincenzo gave up on his magic fast to lightning bolt them to death. Still has bird hair.
  • After recovering + some magic space bending + some licking of magical time-bending mold off the walls, the party dragged themselves out the other end of the portal into Denmark.



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