Dark Ages: Mage - The Hex Files

Adventure 5

Bavarian, the Sparkling Bend Bandits, and Flaures

  • Now stuck in Bavaria, the party left to try and find the demon they set out to hunt in the first place.
  • They eventually followed forest paths and trails into a bandit camp.
  • Rather than fight the lounging bandits, they challenged them to a battle of the bands/dance off. Which worked. Because high dice rolls.
  • Having acquired a friend in Erick and his Sparkling Bend Bandits, they were pointed towards the Bavarian hamlet of Edelberg.
  • The shellshocked and distrustful villagers pointed the party towards the woods to the northwest, said to be haunted, and said to be where the random fires were emanating from.
  • Multiple fire jaguars jumped down from the trees to attack them.
  • Aforementioned jaguars, when defeated, reformed into a pissed off fiery man.
  • Flaures was very, very murdered at this point.
  • Also I believe sometime earlier, Vincenzo botched a spell for magic wings and instead acquired a light case of ‘my hair is feathers’. He started a one week magic fast.



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