Dark Ages: Mage - The Hex Files

Adventure 4

Hunt for Flauros and the Molemen

  • Demon #2, Flauros, was pinpointed somewhere in the Bavarian forest. A winding path in the Cretan Maze Cray also seemed to head in that direction.
  • The path exited into a Between-World maze populated with 4-foot-tall friendly mole men.
  • The party eventually decided that making one capable of speech was better than kidnapping. Molenapping.
  • Mole Friend communicated that a ‘great green destroyer’ had wandered in and had been hurting his friends.
  • The party slayed the drake that was killing molemen. And then turned it into drake jerky while the weak-stomached Malik pointedly didn’t watch.
  • Everyone exited out the other end of the tunnels, into Bavaria!
  • Except the portal on this end was damaged and one-way. Welp.



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