Dark Ages: Mage - The Hex Files

Adventure 3

Questions for Tiepolo and Fishman Merchants

  • A long line of questioning revealed that they had just fought a demon, there were many other demons, Tiepolo was at least partially responsible, but couldn’t do anything about it due to losing his magic.
  • A list of the angels that were attempting to be summoned when they got demons instead was provided
  • A summon for help came from the Hanseatic merchants that shared the ship ride with them.
  • The merchant Ren seemed to have grown gills and was making due in his inn room in a water-filled barrel.
  • Investigation led to a woman at the docks, Morai, who completely claimed credit for the curse.
  • Given that the curse was requested by the second selkie whose pelt was stolen (as ‘tit for tat’), and given that it was going to wear off in a day anyway, the party let it slide.
  • Ren and Gretta were then lectured on how to not piss off the fae while gathering magic goods.



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