Dark Ages: Mage - The Hex Files

Adventure 12

The Eye of the Crow

  • Haze clears from the eyes of 3 people in a darkened room, headaches gripping their temples. The players wake up to find themselves not playing their normal characters, but 3 others instead:
  • Father Colm, a 40-something English preacher. Conducts services within St. Margaret’s Chapel within Glastonbury.
  • Rufá, a 68-year-old grandfather, living with his daughter’s family in Glastonbury.
  • Gwennid, a young shepherd woman, from the pastures to the southeast of town.
  • Confused as to why they are in a darkened room, and not remembering how they arrived there, the group probes around, eventually exiting into the town of Beckery, to the southwest of the community of Glastonbury.
  • Upon exiting, they notice a note instructing them to go save Rufá’s grandson Davin, a boy known to all of them, delivering him to safety past the east side of Glastonbury, past the cathedral on the Tor.

Something is…Off:

  • Immediately upon exiting into the town, the group notices that something feels very off with everything. The air hanging heavy with a tenseness, and every person there has a distinct feeling of danger and otherness to them.
  • Father Colm directs the group towards his parish at Glastonbury, hoping to get some answers. An acolyte speaks to him in shock and relief, noting that he was surprised that he recovered from the terrible fevers he was taken with, and that he was told that Colm had died. Colm himself calls this rubbish, but they note that others of the clergy are keeping a wide bearing from them.
  • Unable to shake their dark feelings, and wanting to know what this ‘you were dead’ rubbish is all about, the group heads east to the cathedral at Glastonbury Tor for answers.

To the Tor:

  • The path up towards the cathedral at the Tor would require a long jaunt to the northeast, then south, but Gwennid chimes in that she knows a shortcut – one that goes up the south side. They follow her.
  • Upon their arrival, though, they find only an extremely steep cliff face. Gwennid, confused, apologizes, not knowing why she thought this way was faster.
  • Rather than spend more time walking, the group attempts the climb up. It is difficult for the two older men in the group, but they eventually make their way to the top. Black eyes stare at them from the crows perching on the trees near the cliff face.

To be continued….



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